Santa Claus for Hire – Fairfield County, Ohio

Make your Christmas event extraordinary!

Schedule this real bearded Santa for a home visit, business appearance/advertisement, or any Christmas event year around.

A truly great memory for you and your event with Santa. I take great pride in being Santa. I will always do my best to uphold the traditional values and goals we have all come to expect of him.

Even though no two visits or events are the same, there are things that Santa will almost always do when children are present: A big entrance of Santa Claus with jingling bells, his large red sack of surprises and possible presents, and of course a hearty “Merry Christmas” (all year around). A time of meeting and greeting followed by gathering of the children around Santa in his chair. Then it’s time for everyone (yes adults too) to sing a couple Christmas favorites. And of course, everyone looks forward to sitting one on one, talking with Santa, possibly receiving a pre-arranged gift, and of course taking lots of pictures.

Santa is available for hire at your Home Party or Business Get-togethers and Corporate Events. Photo Sittings, Tree Lightings and Parades may also be arranged.

Depending on the arrangements and time some of the other things Santa can do are: play a reindeer game with the children, sing more songs, tell the “story of the reindeer”, Santa and the children could have a cookies and milk party, and then other things as imagined and discussed among Santa and the event coordinator.

Other things Santa Jeff will do is: 
– Distribute gifts/awards at office/corporate events
– Lead the singing of Christmas songs and carols.
– Photo shoots
– Parades (riding/walking greeting)
– Corporate sponsors
– Can be videoed for your event and business.
– Company/product advertisement

Past Clients Include:

The Grand Hotel
The Mobile Symphony Orchestra
Children & Women’s Christmas Tree Lighting
Devin Ford Photography
The English Learning School The Pillars
Marcie N Me Boutique
The Oakleigh House
The Garden Express
Seward Farms
The Cottage Hill Animal Clinic
Spanish Fort First Baptist Church Day Care
Kingswood United Methodist Church
Plus home visits and nursing home visits.

For more information about Santa Jeff’s availability call
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Santa Jeff - Santa Claus for Hire

Santa's First All-Night Flight

Santa’s First All-Night Flight by Jeffrey Mason

Christmas is a time filled with wonder and magic. Naturally this special time of the year will cause us to have lots of questions, especially when it comes to the facts about Santa Claus. You know he visits children all around the world one day a year. You know that he lives in the North Pole. You know that he wears a red suit with white fur. But have you ever wondered about his sleigh and reindeer? Why did Santa choose that way to deliver toys? Who came up with that idea? This story will answer those questions as it tells you about the events leading up to Santa’s First All-Night Flight.

 “Santa’s First All-Night” is available for purchase at Amazon.com  Click Here

Santa Jeff serves the Fairfield County area including:
Pickerington, Baltimore, Canal Winchester, Carroll, Lancaster, and Lithopolis.  Other nearby areas depend on time and distance.