Santa Jeff – Santa Claus for hire – Ohio (Baltimore and Surrounding areas)

Santa Jeff – Santa Claus for hire – Ohio (Baltimore and Surrounding areas)

Santa Claus - Santa Jeff


As a full-time Santa, I live it 365 days a year. Christmas to me is not just a season or even just a day, but it is a Spirit that I hold in my heart year round. I try my best to always exhibit those traits that are in keeping with the Spirit of Christmas; faith, hope, love, giving, and sharing.

As your Santa, I will work hard to give you, your family, and your guests the best Christmas and Santa memory possible. For the children, my goal is to help them continue to believe in all things Christmas and for the “mature” adult… to help them rekindle that child-like faith and to be able to see in their eyes that look that says they just took a mental trip back in time to their favorite Christmas.

I have different types of suits so we can find just the type you’d like for your event. Even my new “fall fashion for Santa” with red knickers and vest and complimenting shirt.

I am a graduate of The Santa Claus Conservatory, CWH Santa School, and the Professional Santa Claus School.

Since I am a full-time Santa Claus, serving Baltimore, Canal Winchester, Carroll, Lancaster, Lithopolis, and parts of Columbus, I am available year-round for any event in which you’d like to experience Santa and Spirit of Christmas. Christmas in July activities, birthdays, children’s parties, photo shoots, store advertisements and corporate events and just about any type of activity you can think of.

Be on the lookout for me. It is likely that you will see me in local stores dressed in some type of Santa-like clothing and colors. I usually carry some little trinkets that I give to children (of all ages) who recognize me and have that look of belief and wonderment in their eyes. It’s as if their eyes are saying, “Could it be him”? I give them a wink and hand them a trinket and wish them an early “Merry Christmas”.

When people see my white beard and hair, I am often asked, “do you play Santa?” My answer to that is a resounding “No, I am Santa” 24/7/365. I am Santa in my neighborhood, I am Santa at my church, and I am Santa anytime you see me out and about.

And after you read all this, I hope to be YOUR Santa too!

Santa Jeff will provide an annual background check if requested and carries insurance for everyone’s protection.

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Santa Jeff serves Fairfield County, Licking County, and Franklin County including: Pickerington, 
Baltimore, Canal Winchester, Carroll, Lancaster, Lithopolis, and parts of Columbus. Surrounding areas depend on time and distance.