FaceTime Calls with Ohio Santa Claus

FaceTime Calls with Ohio Santa Claus

Imagine the excitement as your child (or any loved one) get a personal call from Santa Claus. Just complete the form below and send it to me (Santa Claus). I will contact you and we will set up a day and time for the call. The adult of course would answer the call, then hand it over to the person they want Santa to talk to. Santa will talk to them about what they want for Christmas, and about staying on the “Nice List”. Santa will also give them encouraging works if they need to work on certain areas of their behavior.

If you’d like to give your child the memory of “The time that Santa Claus called me!” click on the link below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

By the way, a personal call from Santa can be a great thing for someone in a hospital too.

The things talked about is only limited by what you put on the form.

Please complete this form to get started- https://santajeff4christmas.com/video-info/

For more information about Santa Jeff’s availability call
or click here to fill in the form on the Contact Page

Santa Jeff serves Fairfield County, Licking County, and Franklin County including:
Pickerington, Baltimore, Canal Winchester, Carroll, Lancaster, Lithopolis, and parts of Columbus. Surrounding areas depend on time and distance.