Virtual Visits & Personalized Video Messages with Santa

Virtual Visits & Personalized Video Messages with Santa Claus

Virtual Santa Visits

You can now have a Virtual Visit with Santa Claus at any time of the year all over the world.

Using Zoom meeting with Santa you can see his office in the North Pole, ask questions, get updated on your “Naughty or Nice” status. (Omitted “when you Zoom” at the beginning”, and “and so much more” at the end.)

Santa Claus can chat on Zoom any time of the year.

And here’s the best part, Santa can even video record the Zoom Chat and send you the recording or a link to it. Imagine, you can now see & hear the entire Zoom visit with Santa Claus and even share it on social media.

You can send information, photos and even videos that Santa can talk about and show during the Zoom call.

Virtual Santa visits are very different than the Santa visits you may be used to, or at least they can be.

A virtual visit, Santa can spend more time with the child/children than he can in a mall or storefront setting. Santa can spend more time asking and answering questions. Santa can even tell a story or sing a song with the child (you might turn down the audio at that point, Ho, Ho, Ho!!)

AND… again, the entire “Virtual Visit” with Santa can be video recorded and sent to you so that the entire conversation can be enjoyed and shared for years to come.

You can select the day and time a bit further down the page.

After purchasing, please complete the Virtual Visit Information Form once for each Santa chat you’ve ordered.

Santa Jeff Virtual Visits

Personalized Video Message From Santa

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Santa Jeff Video Messages

We upload your video to YouTube using a private web address (URL). Only people you have shared the URL with are able to watch your custom video. Private YouTube videos are not included in searches on YouTube, Google, or other search engines.

We can also send you the MP4 video file.

After purchasing, please complete the Personalized Video Information Form once for each personalized video you’ve ordered.


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